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It’s Nice to Be Lost in a Jungle of Bonuses

There is no doubt that players sign up with the online casinos to have fun and enjoyment, but certainly there is also the element of making money while playing. Therefore, players are always looking for the best bonuses available before joining an online casino. Different casinos offer different bonuses to their players. While some are […]

Mahjong in China

One of the most popular games that have been played in China for centuries has been the game of Mahjong, which in the Chinese language means literally as ‘sparrow’. This game is presently played throughout Asia and all over the world. This game for a long time has been the whole country’s favourite pastime. Mahjong […]

Mahjong in Japan

A thing that one would like most about the country of Japan is the ability of its people to state falsehoods and to believe in what they say while facing an absolutely opposite reality. Gambling in Japan is illegal, people are prohibited for getting indulged in it. A Japanese person making such false claims may […]

Rules of Shenzhen Mahjong

Nowadays, online Shenzhen games are offered by Mahjong Logic. Shenzhen Mahjong is also popularly called as Bang Bang Mahjong. It is considered to be a fast-moving game where kongs are paid out during the game, besides settling as some person wins. Rules are similar to any Mahjong game type: avail 4 sets and a pair […]

Did you know that …

… Mahjong is present after Death? According to Chinese tradition, once the loved one passes away, it is customary to have the printed cardboard representations to burn of what she or he will require hereafter: household goods, furniture, money and other things like airline tickets and credit cards! It is the smoke that wafts to […]

Some Historical Facts about Mahjong

Rumors and legends are said to be widespread about mahjong’s history, with most being untrue. It is said that these were creations of Confucius (Konfutses), the great philosopher himself around 500 BC. Others that it was a general Chen who around 1000 AD had invented it to ensure that his soldiers remain awake while carrying […]